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The Lasallian Leadership Board

Nov. 7th, 2016 10:11 pm JDLS-DAY 4-Dix Ong

Day 4,today was the day where we leave ipoh.I miss ipoh.I mean,who do not mis ipoh after this trip?
What i learnt?
I learnt that when you are poor,you accept anything free even if it is in a poor condition and that it is hard to comulicate with them but i do not blame them for that as they had been sent for adoption by their parents so they would feel that the world is unsafe.I mean,if their oun parents abandoned them,who could they trust?
What I thought was difficult?
The fact that the children there are free made everything harder as it was hard to get them to listen to us when they are busy playing with one and another.Just as i was getting a little impatient,my friend came to the rescue. he losened up and played what the orphans wanted to play instead of the games we planned which was quite brillient as it did the trick.
What i would like to bring back from the trip?
Other than myself,the foods i bought,i would like to bring back the new knowleadge as after all,knowleadge is the best teacher,right?I would also want to bring back all the memories in ipoh.


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Nov. 7th, 2016 09:07 pm Reflection for JDLS 2016-Shane

JDLS was an awesome experience for me.

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Nov. 7th, 2016 02:07 pm Reflection for JDLS 2016 – Ms Goh Huiqi =)

The theme of “choice” that came up when Isaac spoke about the life of De La Salle resonated strongly with me with me:
De La Salle's choice:
He was living in a life of comfort, yet he chose to step out from his world to reach to take up what was seemingly an insurmountable challenge at that time. He chose to face his challenges and competitors with courage and belief.
He chose to help the children on the streets instead of turning them away.
He chose to take up the offer of Adrian Nyel instead of rejecting him when asked to set up a school for the poor.
In the management of conflicts, he chose to influence the teachers who doubted him by inviting them into his own home to live with him, instead of being adamant and aggressive.
De La Salle was not infallible; just like us, there were times when he needed to seek solace and peace, and he chose to leave.
This is a reminder to us that as much as we strive for excellence, we have to know ourselves and the environment well enough and decide when to let go, so as to allow ourselves to recharge emotionally and physically. It will be a tough decision to make; to walk away from the multitude of responsibilities and achievements, and this requires maturity of thought to decide when to leave and to return.
• Lasallians’ choice
Lasallians made a choice during the visit to the homes as well; they chose to focus on the children in the homes and the environment, instead of focusing on themselves or their electronic gadgets.
When they noticed that the ground that the children played on was uneven with occasional sharp objects lying around, they chose to find out more about the situation and decided to buy slippers for them.
When they noticed that some of the children were younger than them, they chose to empathise with them. They took on the role of an elder sibling readily to care for them and even gave them piggy back rides.
They chose to be sensitive about their words and actions, made quiet observations and were careful about their words and behaviour during interaction. Lasallians have shown their maturity through this process of making choices.
Lasallians have chose to immerse themselves actively in this experience,
they have observed, they have felt, they have experienced, they have matured
10 years ago, a group of teachers and Lasallians chose to embark on a journey based on the footsteps of the founder.
10 years later, the spirit of reaching out to the last, the lost and the least still burns strong!
What is stopping us from stepping out from our comfort zone then?
Sometimes we need that bit of disturbance in our lives =)


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Nov. 6th, 2016 10:52 pm JDLS - 2016 - Day 4 - Emmanuel/Paulo

The 4th and final day of our trip is the most heartbreaking moments of the trip in my opinion anyways. Because I will be leaving La Salle Centre. We might not have no much bonding there (well, every night with Mr Isaac.), but it has taught me a lot and help me think more about others and how they feel if we do this and that to them. I just want to just recall what I have learnt, what was the most difficult thing of the whole journey and what I have brought back.

What I have learnt:

That I must appreciate everything, as in EVERYTHING. Because I bet the things you receive will be important one day and if a person gives it to you, I bet they have worked really hard for it. I also learnt to be selfless and think of others because you don't know much about them. And if you have been with this person your whole life, you should know how they feel and what they expect. I also learnt that all good thing must end, sounds negative but true. Like for example, Christmas has to end after a few days after that cause' to much christmas might end up bad.

What is the most difficult thing during the trip:

Saying goodbye to the orphans and saying goodbye to the La Salle Centre because they are both very memorial and very meaningful and remind me of what life is, what they experience all day and all night. I felt really, really sad when I was saying goodbye to the orphans, I tried to hide my sadness but I figured I have to reveal it today because we can't hide things forever.

What I have brought back through the journey:

Faith to others, Appreciation, Love for others and most importantly, experience. Because of experience, I get to feel for others and know what is actually gonna happen. Love is because I have learnt that without love, this world would be the complete opposite. Hatred, disbelief, I could continue more and more, but I rather not. appreciation, we should appreciate all things we recieve and all things we have because who knows what would happen if we directly say to that one person that gave you that gift that you don't like it. That person would feel really sad and feel hatred inside. Who knows how much work he/she has done for that one gift. And finally, Faith, Without faith, there is no trust, no trust means being selfish and thats bad, like imagine people just keeping their stuff from others and no sharing, it would be horrible!

I have really learnt a lot from this journey. But there is one thing to say for certain. Good luck for next year. Hope you guys get good schools and.... just in 4 days and 3 nights, we have been good friends to one and another and honestly, I love you all, as friends, as best of friends.


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Nov. 6th, 2016 10:07 pm JDLS-2016-Day 4-Pavithra Balakrishnan

The last day was a pretty simple affair of waking up in the morning at six, breakfast and boarding the bus. As our last day together as JDLS'16, we took many photos and made many memories in the bus itself. Thanks to the teachers, we were supplied with a comfortable bus and a safe trip. We enjoyed drinks, donuts and ice cream. It was only on the last day of enjoyment and happiness in the trip back that made me realise the hardship that we had gone through during the journey itself. During the preparation times and the worst scenarios we had to face throughout, we didnt feel the pinch. That was because we had willingfully been putting in the effort and sincere from the bottom of our hearts. When I had reflected on this, I felt very proud of myself and my peers who had embarked on this journey of an objective. To help the last, the lost and the least, To follow the footsteps of our founder De La Salle and most importantly To pass on the passion. And to end of this reflection I would want to say, in life many things that we do are being regretted in some point. But the only thing I regret about this trip, was that tinge of hesitation I had before signing up.

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Nov. 6th, 2016 09:59 pm JDLS 2016-Day 4-Premshan Christopher Singh

Today was a sentimental day for me as it was spent in self-reflection.Ipoh is a beautiful city with a vibrant, diverse population, and beautiful individuals such as Mr Isaac Stephen, our main Facilitator at LaSalle Centre Ipoh. I really miss Ipoh. Now, I would like to write in my last reflection my thoughts on this journey.

Firstly, I have learnt just how lucky I am and to appreciate what I have through this journey. It broke the golden cocoon I was living in in Singapore, where a good transport system, fast internet speeds, good food, high living standards and unconditional love are just normal. In Ipoh, it takes nearly forever just to get wifi, don't need to mention searching things on the web. The buses take nearly 45 minutes to come and get you, and we Singaporeans complain if a bus is only 5 minutes late. Though the food there is very nutritious, the living standards are far from that in Singapore. And, most importantly, family love.
The orphans in the Precious Gift Home have nearly none of the above. They are literally, in the words of said by St LaSalle in France, the last lost and least. Every time someone visits them, they will be competing for him or her. Their faces brighten up and were all smiles when a visitor arrives, as if they forgot all their did difficulties in life. They were even more excited to receive the gifts and groceries we bought them. In their grocery list, all that they requested for was basic stuff like soap and Milo, things we in Singapore take for granted and even waste.They were hugging the the gifts and groceries we had bought them and some nearly cried in the process. They rarely were able to enjoy simple things like Milo, and most didn't even have a School bags!They hugged us tightly after we gave them the gifts. The kids, after they had received the gifts, hugged us tightly and said "thank you!"from the bottom of their hearts. And, the most touching part was when we were about to leave. They kept asking us"will you come again??"I had no reply. We were not coming again, but we couldn't say we were not. When we told them we were not coming back, they cried. They were heartbroken, speechless. I mean, how many of us will be like this when we receive that type of gift. I don't mean to discriminate, but many of us will scowl or treat it is as normal when we receive it, and these guys will kill just for it. It really taught me to appreciate even the simplest things in life, even the speed of our buses or family love. These guys don't have family love, and it has really affected them badly. They have nearly no one to look up to, and are neglected by everyone else. They will just kill for a family, forget a Singaporean's life. I have really changed and am finally appreciating the little things in life. If my grandparents were alive today, I will give them a hug and say I love u.

If you were to ask me what I take from Ipoh, it would be what St LaSalle meant by the life we should live. I have been reflecting, and finally get St LaSalle. Life isn't about just studying and getting to schools like Raffles Institution(for students)or working all day and spending money trying to get that nice car and donating a few dollars to charity. No, it's not. It's about enjoying yourself, getting your hands dirty and helping everyone who can. It's about reaching to the last the lost and the least, talking to them, giving them emotional power and not some cash. It's about bringing a smile to everyone, not by buying branded goods but using our humanism, our emotions to help them, because ultimately we didn't get to where we are alone, we got here through the hard work of the people around us.
I would now like to thank my teachers for selecting me for this trip and for those who went, giving up precious, rare family time for us. I would like to thank the facilitators, for spending their precious time and for tolerating us. Thank you my friends, for shaping this journey and for all those good moments. And thank you orphans, for teaching me what St LaSalle meant by service learning.
Good night everyone!

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Nov. 6th, 2016 09:19 pm JDLS 2016 - Day 4 - Joelle Ho

It has come to the end of the trip.

This trip was enjoyable because of many many wonderful people. I would like to thank them all. All of us met many difficulties, whether it be being unable to help the homes much, or so many other things, we still remained positive, and made the journey a successful one. All of us went to the homes with uncertainty and was faced disturbed by things at the home. For some it will be the food, some it will be the clothes, etc. From there, we wanted to help them as much as we could. We were given a budget to spend on items they needed. But because of the wanting to help them, we managed to burst the budget by about 100 rm!

Although all of us went to the homes, and we did a lot of sharing, the experience each and every one of us have is completely different. I urge all of you to use the precious experience given to you to be the best person you can be and help others be the best they can be. Myself, i hope to be able to inspire me to help the last, the lost and the least as soon as they can. One of the facilitators at La Salle center said that he regretted not doing service to the community before secondary school. Before the trip, I thought that i wanted to go because there was wifi and it seemed fun, but JDLS really changes me as a person.


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Nov. 6th, 2016 09:13 pm JDLS 2016 - Day 4 - Miss Teo Wen Ting

A line to sum up the whole journey: great memories, tasty food and an enriching experience.

I am really priviledged to be given the opportunity to bring 20 Lasallians, along with Ms Goh and Ms Looi, on this 4 days 3 nights journey. Every trip to Ipoh has always been enriching and memorable.

What hit me the most was what what Mr Isaac had shared about experience and disturbance. "Experience is the best teacher" was left ingrained in my mind. So what has this experience taught me?

Genuine relationship needs to be built over time and this is something money cannot buy. This was evident from how the Lasallians had interacted with the children at the homes.

On Day 2, the Lasallians got to know the boys at Precious Gift Home and they had quite a time in getting the boys in control. However, this was not the case after a few hours of interaction with the boys. Although the boys were still active, they were more willing to listen and the Lasallians were able to relate to them better.

On Day 3 when we visited the home again, the boys were awaiting our arrival and they were very excited when we came. This time round, the boys even requested the Lasallians to play police and thief with them. Some asked for hula hoops while others wanted to play with chapteh. Somehow or rather, the boys were more open to the Lasallians and they listened and played along with them better. I am very proud to comment that the Lasallians were very adaptable and went with the flow. They had many games in mind for the boys but eventually, they decided to go with the flow to play the games the boys wanted to play. The boys had fun, so do our Lasallians.

While playing outdoors, it started to drizzle. It created a great opportunity for the Lasallians and boys to interact in another way. We went indoors and the children switched to play board games - chess, monopoly, carrom and foam building pieces. I was amazed by how skillful the boys were with the games. Some of them could play carrom and chess so well and they managed to win. It was definitely an eye-opener to the Lasallians as they could see the other side of the boys. As what Christopher had mentioned during the debriefing session, we should not judge a book by its cover. Some younger boys went creative and they started building some structures with the foam building pieces while some used the empty cardboard boxes and turned that into an imaginary vehicle after decorating them with colourful markers.

When we set up the Christmas tree for the children and were ready to give out the gifts to the boys, the excitement they had could be seen from their eyes. They queued up orderly and picked one present under the tree. When given a backpack each, I saw broad grins on the children's faces. They unwrapped their gifts excitedly and we happy with what they had. This was the most heart-warming moment for me.

Seeing how contented the children are with their lives and what they have reminded me is that one should always be grateful of what he or she has. We should be grateful not just for the tangible items that we are provided with but also the relationships we have with our family and friends.

When the boys asked if we were coming back the next day, I was really relunctant to tell them that we would not be back the next day. I knew that they hope to see us again and loved our company. Then, it came to me that the memories we had in common would be never go. I told them we would not be back and would had to head back in Singapore. The boys accepted my answer quietly.

When it was time to say good-bye, the boys waved their hands continuously until our bus left the home. I really hoped to see them again...

In the service element of this trip, the Lasallians and I were disturbed by the fate of the children in the homes. As the name of Journey De La Salle (JDLS) suggests, we were on a journey to personally experience what is serving the last, the lost and the least. Although we cannot do something like what Saint John Baptist De La Salle had done, we made a difference in the lives of the children in the homes in our own ways. I believe that the Lasallians and I are able to appreciate more of what serving the last, the lost and the least is after this trip.

"Once a Lasallian, always a Lasallian". I am proud to be a Lasallian educator and will always be one.


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Nov. 6th, 2016 09:13 pm JDLS 2016 - Day 4 - Allison Mak

Okay, this will be the last reflection from me for JDLS 2016. This year's JDLS trip has just ended. I'll miss Ipoh! I'll also miss the great parties(!!!)and company of my awesome friends! It also feels great to be back in my home sweet home!

On day 4, after breakfast, we were told to take the bedsheets, pillowcases and blankets down from our rooms. I collected my entire groups sheets and walked down the stairs, anyone who saw me from behind would have thought that I was a walking bedsheet! We then dragged our over-stuffed luggage down the stairs(plus the pomelos) and walked around the La Salle Centre, snapping many pictures to remember this very fantastic JDLS 2016. We all felt kind of sad when we left La Salle Centre and the orphanages.

So, thank you to Ms Teo, Ms Goh, Ms Looi, the facils at the La Salle Centre and all my awesome friends for caring for me during this trip! This year's JDLS would not be complete without you guys!:) I also made some new friends because of this trip! I'll now answer the three questions given by Mr Isaac on day 3.

"What have you learnt?"

I've learnt a lot! This trip really taught me many values. I now appreciate my parents much more after seeing the orphans at the homes. They don't have parents and their still so lively and cheerful. I also learnt to appreciate what I have more. Other than the clothes on their backs and a temporary roof over their heads, they have nothing else. So from now on, I would appreciate everything I have and not to waste food anymore.

"What was difficult at the homes?"

I guess it was pretty difficult to get the kids to sit down and listen to us and follow instructions. As I went to the boy's home, they were very energetic and only wanted to run around. It was also quite difficult to leave the homes as we already grew very close to the orphans and wanted more time with them. To the orphans: I'll miss you guys! I'll always remember you!

"What did you want to bring back from this trip?"

Actually, other than bringing back the vaules of appreciation or gratefulness, I also want to bring back the experience to share with my friends back here in Singapore. The impression of orphanages is probabaly like, they have the same lives but minus the parents. But that's not true. They still feel sad too. So I want my friends to benifit from this as well even if they did not go for this trip.

Thanks again to all the people who has made this trip possible! To the p5s in 2016, don't miss this invaluable opportunity next year! This trip will really widen your perspective of the world around you!:)

Bye!:) Will always remember you! (the orphans in Ipoh)


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Nov. 6th, 2016 09:06 pm JDLS2016 - Day 4 - Loo Jia En

Our trip to Ipoh has finally ended. I'm sure everyone had enjoyed themselves and will miss this trip very much. I remember how happy everyone was when the bus driver took a wrong turn and we could stay in the bus for a little longer. Although this trip might have come to an end,the memories we had will stay in our hearts forever.

-What have I learnt?
I have learnt many things. Other than learning to to take care of pomelo and knowing more about Ipoh, I've learnt to appreciate our lives and not take things for granted. In the orphanages, the children there are less privileged and they may not have seen their parents before yet they accept it and made do with what they had. I remember seeing the little children used every remaining bubble solution to play with the bubbles they blown, even does on the floor. After all the solution was used, they continued playing with the toy, walking around and blowing at people even though all thay came out was air. When we went to the grocery store to buy things for the orphanage, I saw the list on what they needed and was shocked. The things they needed was somethong we need in our daily life for example broomstick. That was when I realised how fortunate we were and I learnt to appreciate every single thing I had. After playing games at the orphange, we were all exhausted and needed to think of something less tiring to do.Me and friends then started to take out some paper and strings and started making crafts with the orphans. At that time, I learnt to adapt to situation quickly.

-What i found difficult
I found it difficult to play with both the young kids and the older ones because both of them prefered to do very different things. While the younger ones likes to run around throwing the ball and rolling the hulahoops, the elder ones prefered playing an actual and proper game. Everytime we played with the younger ones, the older children would stand at a side,bored, but when we tried playing a game, the younger children would suddenly run into the play area and disrupt the game. Therefore it was very hard to continue the game.

-What i took back from this trip
Other than taking back many precious memories i had with everyone, I took back more knowledge of the founder and his story with more details. From his story, I learnt that the reason why he help the less fortunate children was because he was disturb. I was disturb too as well when visiting the orphanage thus i will definitely help the last, the list and the least if I have to chance to.I also learnt that the best teacher is experience. Without experience, you will not only not have knowledge of anything, you will not know how to react when there is a problem. Only with experience will you now what to do to solve the problem.
Lastly, I would like to thank all the teachers and my friends for making this trip possible for all of us. Thanking for sacrificing time with your family and other friends to join us on this adventure to learn and grow together.


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